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History of Omand's Creek Industrial

Heritage Resources

The area developed into a manufacturing and warehousing centre because of its closeness to airport, highway system and railroads and early businesses to locate here included Golf Canada, Bay Bronze Industries and Trailmobile Canada. [1] The neighbourhood includes two important facilities: Red River College and Brookside Cemetery.

The precursor of Red River College, the Industrial Vocational Education Centre, was founded in the mid-1930s on Henry Avenue offering what today is known as Continuing Education programs to any and all who applied. The Federal government's Department of Labour lent its support in 1938. The Centre was also involved in the training of servicemen, both those going to War and those returning home. In 1948, the Centre became the Manitoba Technical Institute, located in the old Ford Motor Company Plant at 1181 Portage Avenue with the slogan, "Learn to Earn."

In 1963, the Institute, now named the Manitoba Institute of Technology, opened its new school at 2055 Notre Dame Avenue with 2,000 students. Expansion of its facilities to meet the growing demand for classes occurred over the next several decades and in 1969 it was renamed Red River Community College. By the mid-1980s, the College had an enrolment of over 25,000 full- and part-time students and began opening "storefront" centres in other towns throughout the province. Reflecting its continued growth, the institution was renamed the Red River College of Applied Arts, Science and Technology in 1998. It opened its Princess Street Campus in three phases from 2002-2004. [2]

The other important institution located in this neighbourhood is Brookside Cemetery, 3001 Notre Dame Avenue. In May of 1877, Winnipeg's City Council purchased approximately 65 hectares of land for a City-operated cemetery. The first burial at the new Brookside Cemetery took place the following September. In the Cemetery is found monuments, statues and the graves of the famous and regular citizenry. In 1915, a plot was established for the interment of Veterans, beginning a long connection with the military. Brookside's Field of Honour, the oldest and one of the largest military cemeteries in Canada, is the final resting place of over 9,200 veterans. [3]

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