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Welcome to the West Broadway Neighbourhood


The West Broadway neighbourhood is one of the oldest in today's City of Winnipeg, featuring over 20 structures dating to the 19th century, the oldest being a two-storey home built in 1884. These early homes dotted the area south of Portage Avenue as it evolved into an important east-west thoroughfare.

The neighbourhood is bounded by Portage Avenue on the north, Cornish Avenue on the south, Maryland Street on the west and the Assiniboine River and Colony Street on the east. It includes commercial property along Portage Avenue and both sides of Broadway, residential property on the north-south streets, schools, churches and other facilities.

Colony Supermarket

219 Colony St

West Broadway neighbourhood house

West Broadway neighbourhood houses

Misercordia Hospital

99 Cornish Ave

Sherbrook St pedestrian overpass and Sherbrook St hospital entrance

Young United Church

222 Furby St

West Broadway neighbourhood duplex

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