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Welcome to the St. Norbert Neighbourhood


The bilingual neighbourhood of St. Norbert is located east of the Canadian National Railways' Letellier line, south of the Perimeter Highway and is bordered by two rivers, the Red on the north and east and the La Salle on the south. It includes residential, institutional, educational and recreational development and is well-known for its summer farmers' market. The South of the Border Condominium development of the 1980s is located in its northwest corner and Pembina Highway, an important historical and present-day commercial thoroughfare, runs through the centre and west side of the neighbourhood.

Aisle Ritchot

35 De La Digue Ave

Strip mall

3485 Pembina Hwy

St Norbert neighbourhood house

La Salle River railway bridge, Pembina Hwy at Des Trappistes St

Junction of Perreault, Parc LaSalle & St Norbert Neighbourhoods

The Renaissance

3420 Pembina Hwy

F.O.E. Building

3459 Pembina Hwy

St. Norbert Community Centre

3450 Pembina Hwy

St. Norbert Farmers' Market stalls

3514 Pembina Hwy

Mural on south side of strip mall, 3554-3564 Pembina Hwy

3564 Pembina Hwy

Henri Boux Park, Pembina Hwy at De L'Eglise Ave

St. Norbert School

900 St Therese Ave

St. Norbert Catholic Church

70 St Pierre St

Parc De Moissac

920 St Gabriel Ave

Skating rink, park on La Barriere St at foot of Du Couvent Ave

St Norbert neighbourhood house

La Salle River bridge_on_Pembina_Hwy

Flower Bed

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