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Welcome to the Central St. Boniface Neighbourhood


This neighbourhood's present-day boundaries are the Red River on the west, Marion Street on the south, the Seine River on the east and Provencher Boulevard on the north.

Central St Boniface neighbourhood house

St. Boniface Hospital

409 Tache Ave

College St. Boniface

200 De La Cathedrale Ave

Franco-Manitoban Centre

340 Provencher Blvd

Seine River

Off Giroux St

Welcome to Winnipeg!

The heart of the continent and home to more than 100 ethnic groups defining our city as a hub of diversity. Our diversity contributes to the international essence and welcoming spirit of our city

The Provencher Bridge crossing the Red River

50 Provencher Blvd

Joins and provides a meeting place between Downtown Winnipeg, The Forks and St Boniface - Winnipeg's historical French quarter.

The Provencher Bridge

50 Provencher Blvd

A pair of bridges - one for vehicular traffic and the other for pedestrians, cyclists and other recreational users. The pedestrian bridge, called the Esplanade Riel, also includes at its centre, a tower with commercial space at its base. This was a new feature for bridges in North America at the time of its construction and opening in 2004.

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