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History of Woodhaven


Woodhaven was part of the City of St. James when it became part of the City of Winnipeg which came into legal existence on January 1, 1972.

The area known today as the neighbourhood of Woodhaven was initially registered in the Winnipeg Land Titles Office in 1900. The first attempt at a modern residential subdivision occurred 13 years later when realtors Herman B. Harrison and Christopher O'Kelly created Woodhaven Boulevard and several building lots. Without a bridge to cross Sturgeon Creek, however, the south end of their subdivision was all but inaccessible. [1] The bridge was finally completed in 1920 and the developers donated six lots to the Municipality of Assiniboia for the creation of Woodhaven Park. Woodhaven developed into a summer resort-like community with small cottages built along the creek and river and some of the earliest dwellings are still standing. The area filled in time, some newer housing has been built on the east side of Glendale Boulevard after the demolition of Woodhaven School (127 Glendale Boulevard, built 1956, demolished in the mid-1990s).

[1] R.R. Rostecki, "Pillars of the Community: Roadside Markers in Winnipeg," report for the City of Winnipeg Historical Buildings Committee, March 1995, pp. 19-20.