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History of Weston Shops

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Weston Shops was part of the City of Winnipeg when it amalgamated with the surrounding municipalities to form the City of Winnipeg which came into legal existence on January 1, 1972.

Weston Shops, the massive railway yard and repair facilities of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), is located in North Winnipeg. The CPR, after much negotiations and heavy subsidies, routed its transcontinental line through Winnipeg rather than the originally surveyed route far to the north through Selkirk, Manitoba. This decision immediately put Winnipeg at the centre of Western Canada and became the regional headquarters for the railroad. The main line cut Winnipeg in half, north-south, and the CPR built its terminal facility on the east side of 

Main Street and its yards on the west side. Further west, the company created another yard, Weston, to build and repair steam engines and rolling stock and all the other necessary industrial activities associated with operating the line. Skilled labour poured into the City with the hope of landing a job in shops. Modest residential districts grew around the yards as workers and their families sought to live nearby.

The evolution of the railway sector - especially the conversion to diesel, changes in freighting and the rise in highways and trucking - have reduced the workload at the Shops over the years.