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History of West Alexander

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West Alexander was part of the City of Winnipeg when it came into legal existence on January 1, 1972 with the amalgamation of surrounding municipalities.

West Alexander is a varied neighbourhood, with industrial sites, warehouses, commercial blocks and extensive residential development. As Winnipeg's downtown expanded, first during the railway driven real estate boom of the early 1880s and then again after 1900, the large warehouses, banks and office buildings pushed out much of the earlier residential property that had been established in the area. This caused a shift in all directions as the population sought modern living accommodations. West Alexander was one area where the new citizenry built their homes and many examples of late 19 th and early 20th century housing still exists.

The neighbourhood's proximity to the large Canadian Pacific Railway yards also ensured that much of the housing would be built for the railway workers - small, modest homes on small lots. It also became the centre of medicine in Winnipeg, from modest beginning as Winnipeg GeneralHospital to today's Health Sciences Centre.