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History of Roslyn

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Roslyn was part of the City of Winnipeg when it amalgamated with the surrounding municipalities to form the City of Winnipeg which came into legal existence on January 1, 1972.

Roslyn is an oddly shaped residential neighbourhood in the Fort Rouge area south of downtown and the Assiniboine River. This area has a long history, its modern settlement occurring in the early 1880s and continuing to today. Early traffic bridges gave citizens of the area permanent connections to Winnipeg. The expansion of the City of Winnipeg meant an expanded tax revenue base but also a need to borrow heavily to finance the expansion of its own infrastructure. To ensure its own future, Winnipeg was given provincial approval to annex surrounding communities, including the suburb of Fort Rouge in 1882, which became Ward 1 of Winnipeg's new six ward set-up.

Along the river ran Roslyn Road and Roslyn Crescent - both developing with mansions on extensive, well-manicured grounds. Some of the most influential names in Winnipeg and Western Canada lived on these streets and nearby Wellington Crescent.

As the 20th century progressed, the mansions began to disappear, replaced by smaller, more modest homes and more recently, by high rise apartment blocks along the riverbank. Commercial property established along Osborne Street and River Avenue.