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Civic Centre was part of the City of Winnipeg when it amalgamated with surrounding municipalities to form the City of Winnipeg which came into legal existence on January 1, 1972.

This would be considered the political heart of Winnipeg; its City Hall building has always been located in this neighbourhood. Because of this, this area has seen many important events associated with the development of the City. Victoria Park, a green space originally located between Pacific and James avenues east of Lily Street, became an important meeting place for strikers during the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike.

Also within its boundaries were warehouses on the east side of Main Street that grew initially because of the development of the Alexander Docks, important during the steamboat era of the 19th century and later because of the construction of railway spur lines through the area.

Later development saw the construction of the Centennial Concert Hall/Planetarium/Manitoba Museum complex on the east side of Main Street, an integral part of the arts and culture of Winnipeg.