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This page is TEMPORARY during development and will be removed before the NPI portal goes live.

For longer-term items (and those marked as DEFERRED), add your items to the Enhancements Spreadsheet and add it back to the data subdirectory.

In the table below, add new entries at the top, and fill in the required fields. When completed, strikeout the task text and enter the date completed. If items are not to be completed in the current development phase, add them to the Enhancements Spreadsheet list and mark them as DEFERRED.

Task Lead Added Completed Note
Finalize the External Links data set Kelly 6/26/12 1/2/13  
Draft text for the Econ Dev menu items David 6/26/12    
Arrange access to the portal for Tactica to design breadcrumbs Don 5/22/12 12/6/12   
Replace the Header/Footer with the Corporate Version Jane 5/22/12    
Discuss with Don, Kathy, Bev, Jane & Peter the process for updating current issue links on home page on an ongoing basis Kelly 11/20/12    
Fix the Assessment Polygons Brian 11/20/12    
Select the definitions for the ontology from the generated list Kelly 3/13/12    
Set up local instance of the Tech Wiki Peter/Andrew 1/19/12  1/2/13  
Draft news release for public launch Stephanie 01/06/12    
Switch out current event topics on Home Page at launch time Kelly, Jane 01/06/12    
Add data properties to ontologies training Mike 12/22/11    
Finalize ED Data Ownership Agreements for signature Peter 12/14/11    
Get the WREB Link operating


Confirm Data Ownership Agreements for Fire & Police Peter 11/23/11    
Set up & run Browsermob Don, Andrew  11/30/11     
Complete loading all public release-phase datasets to Production (see Datasets page) Peter, Andrew 8/17/11    
Finish entries to Topics layout Kelly 8/9/11    
Add breadcrumbs to the Relation Browser Tactica 8/5/11    
Update NOW ontology under About section (Seadragon) to final ontology version Mike 8/3/11  12/6/12  
Determine, implement dataset attribution approach (links, logo icons?) Kelly, Fred 8/4/11    
Complete all workflow documentation  Mike   7/27/11    
Develop longer-term maintenance plan for portal Kelly, Don  7/27/11    
Change/vary colors for area polygons, paths - ie neighbourhoods inside of Community Areas, Wards, Clusters Jane, Peter  7/27/11    
Winnipeg.ca/NOW will be redirected to now.winnipeg.ca.  Send request to Middleware to see if they will do it otherwise send to Ashley. Don 11/15/12    
Send words to Ashley for Search Key Match such as:  Neighbourhoods/Neighbourhoods of Winnipeg/ Wards/ Location/ Census/ Economic/Economic Development Don/Kelly/Jane 11/15/12    
Design a banner and a button for Winnipeg.ca Jane 11/15/12    
Set up links to NOW main pages in Winnipeg.ca under Resident/ Business/ Resident  > Maps        
Send request to Middleware to set up additional sub-domains for Development, Sync, Production Backup and will include redirect for Winnipeg.ca/NOW to now.winnipeg.ca Don 11/15/12    
Be sure to let Ashley know when the go live date is as soon as we have decided. Kelly, Jane 11/15/12    
We should be looking at keywords in Drupal (meta data) as well as suggesting sites to Google.        
Color code each Assessment Parcel with Zoning designation Brian 5/22/12 11/20/12  
Sort the auto-load of current news items for the Home Page with Corporate Communications Jane 5/2/2/12 11/20/12  
Train City in use of Dashboards (possibly 2 sessions) Mike 10/20/2011  11/15/12  Dashboards on hold until Phase 2
Define Ec Dev templates for attribute info display/any others missing Kelly, Don,Peter 11/23/11 11/15/12   
Replace terms for Source, Kind, Attributes Mike, Don, Kelly 11/30/11 11/15/12  
Brian to load Zoning, Assessment, truck routes, streets, property address, commercial property data sets Don/Brian 12/21/11 11/15/12   
Assemble the Ec Dev image common data set David, Peter 12/14/11  7/26/12  
Prepare SMT Presentation Kathy, Don, Jane, Kelly 6/19/12 11/15/12  
Develop soft-launch tools, eg. email, video Kathy, Don, Jane, Kelly 6/19/12  11/15/12  
Create the templates as designed by Don & Kelly Peter 23/13/1  11/15/12  
Prepare the Ec Dev data sets for dashboards (Permit, Assess Values,Construction Values, Household Income trends) David 3/13/12 11/15/12   No Dashboards in first release
Merge Property Address and Assessment Parcel files Brian 3/13/12 7/26/12   
Implement list of alternates for Street, Avenue etc on Find My Neighbourhood Search - Home Page Don/Brian 5/23/12 7/26/12   
Update the WebMap Help text to include EconDev 4-map behaviour Mike, Kelly 7/3/12  11/15/12  
Create a Zoning Legend image/table Jane 7/3/12  7/26/12  
Add CentrePort Polygon as a data set and display on the Econ Dev (R) Menu Kelly/Don/Brian 7/26/12 11/15/22  
Develop Communication Strategy for soft and hard launches Kelly, Don, Stephanie 11/23/11 6/19/12  
Add point-to-point map API Mike, Fred 11/30/11 6/7/12  
Add Zoning Terms to Ontology Kelly, Gary 12/14/11 6/26/12  
Draft email to city staff for soft-launch Kelly 1/6/12 6/26/12  
Prepare draft of Power Point Presentation about the portal Don 1/6/12 6/19/12  
Finalize the Internal Links set from the generated list Bev 3/13/12 6/26/12  
Add Neighbourhood Icon to Neighbourhood Map page Michele 3/27/12  6/26/12  
Fix the link to the neighbourhood page below the Find My Neighbourhood map Fred 3/22/12 5/22/12  
Complete adding contextual help links across the site (esp Census, WebMaps, Relation Browser; see further this link) Kelly/Peter 3/14/12 5/22/12  
Create the Commercial Building Permits >$10M file David 3/13/12 5/22/12  
Re-size images to all have same vertical size Peter 1/11/12 3/27/12  
Re-format image gallery so that wording appears below the photos Fred 1/12/12 3/15/12  
Follow up on poor performance on IE within the city environment Don 1/12/12 5/22/12  
Add web links to the Schools Data Set Peter 12/01/11 5/22/12  
Track City response to Google Map API issue prior to release Don/Kelly 11/30/11 5/22/12  
Correct mismatching addresses to polygons Brian 11/30/11 5/22/12  
Migrate portal to City Servers Brian 11/23/11 5/22/12  
Add Tooltip to the Neighbourhood Tree Icon Jane 11/30/11 5/22/12  
Add 'Geeky Tools' section under About item Mike, Fred 12/15/11  2/10/12  some governors still needed
Choose map colors for roads, etc Jane 3/1/12  3/14/12  Duplicate
Create "read more" block on Home page and load text Jane 1/19/12  3/1/12  
Scrub & load external web links to relation browser topics Mike 11/23/11 3/14/12  
Add neighbourhood tree icon to Find your neighbourhood map page Jane 01/12/12 3/14/12   Next phase
Restore Export function on the Census page Fred 01/12/12    NEVER EXISTED
Select and load images to the Home Page Kelly, Don, Peter, Bev 01/12/12  3/13/12  
Change the color of "read more" on home page to go with text above it Jane 01/12/12  1/19/12  
Talk to Brian Dondo re: limited access to portal for soft launch Don 01/06/12    Not possible
Text not showing up on Winnipeg's History page Fred 01/05/12  3/14/12  
Link to Neighbourhood Profiles email in About/Census notes no longer working Mike 12/22/11 3/14/12   
Provide recommendation on link testing tool to Kelly Mike 12/22/11  2/15/12  
Write-up on TechWiki use of FastStone Photo Resizer Mike 12/22/11  1/10/12  
Get wording from Garry for ED feature page Kelly 12/14/11    
List of Web Links to key ED Agencies David 12/14/11 01/13/12   
Identify icons for the Rec, Leisure & Library pop-up template Jane 12/15/11 1/19/12   
Document overall training process to complete project Kelly, Mike 12/08/11  1/10/12 relates to Tactica, too
Fill-in missing images and descriptions to H&H Data Set; then reload Peter, Bev 11/23/11 3/14/12   
Finalize and load the completed Rec, Leisure & Libraries Image Set Bev, Kelly 11/23/11  3/14/12  
Finalize and load the iconic neighbourhood images Peter 11/23/11 3/14/12   
Scrub & load internal web links to relation browser topics Mike, Fred 11/23/11  1/18/12  
Identify staff person to create list of external web links Kelly 11/23/11 01/11/12   
Set up training contract with Tactica Kelly 11/23/11 01/15/12  
Match colors on home page topics and relation browser Jane 11/23/11  2/1/12  
Collapse A-Z listing under Image Gallery Jane 11/30/11  02/15/12  
Confirm Parks and Open Space Data with Bev & Peter  Kelly, Don 11/29/11   3/13/12 Not available at this time
Clean up, properly size interface "buttons" (esp on WebMap) Jane, Tactica 11/29/11 01/26/12  
Draft initial main (Home) page narratives, text Kelly 8/18/11    
Complete 'How to Save Filter Selections' Mike 8/17/11 02/17/12  
Add Help links to Census, Maps, Topics pages Mike 8/17/11  3/14/12  
Put Tools menu option on new Admin Menu Tactica 8/15/11    DROPPED; not essential
Add sComponent page on sWebMap to TechWiki Fred 8/5/11 02/17/12  
Assemble list of types needing icons; pick icons and colors Jane 8/4/11  3/1/12  
Remove header/label entries for Census attributes from display (better: add general non-display attribute to SCO) Fred  7/27/11 11/20/11  provided shortLabel
Train, tech transfer to staff in the semantic components ontology (SCO)  Mike   7/27/11 02/09/12  
Train, tech transfer to staff set up, install of TechWiki  Mike   7/27/11 1/18/12  
Update Workbench/Dashboard documentation  Mike   7/27/11 1/30/12  
Send Change Orders to Mike & Clive for sign-off Kelly 01/03/12    
Track response from CFO re: increased budget report Kelly/Don 12/21/11 12/23/11   
Brainstorm and mock-up Econ Dev layout Don,Kelly,Jane, Peter 12/08/11    Collaboratively with PP&D
Edit About to reflect NOW vs Our Neighbourhoods terminology Kelly 12/08/11 12/20/11   
Create pages for former municipalities under Winnipeg's History & insert text Kelly, Bev 11/30/11 01/05/12   
Add intro text to front pages throughout portal Kelly 11/30/11 01/06/12   
Meet with PP&D;draft & sign-off Change Order re: Econ Dev Enhancements Kelly, Don 11/22/11    
Change colors on NOW header Jane 11/29/11    
Change Libraries & Education text on Relation Browser Jane 11/23/11    
Briefing Note for CFO re:  increasing contract total Kelly  11/29/11 12/21/11   
Add French versions of selected Neighbourhood pages Kelly 11/29/11 12/8/11   DROPPED
Write new tasking proposal and budget Mike 11/29/11  12/2/11  
Draft acknowledgement notices for City contribution of installation code, FME code, NOW ontology updates Mike 11/29/11  12/14/11  
Review and get approval for acknowledgement notices (see above) Kelly 11/29/11    
Prepare issues paper and recommendations on Google Map API changes SD 11/3/2011 11/16/2011  
Work out workflow process for bug/feature assessment, escalation City, SD 10/20/2011    
Check on possible widget additions to Dashboard Mike 10/20/2011 10/27/2011  approach is to use layouts
Assemble dataset of external links City 10/20/2011    
Get full data requirements for enhanced Econ Dev WebMap Don 10/13/2011 12/14/11   
Provide quote on enhanced Econ Dev WebMap Mike 10/13/2011 10/24/2011  
Expand number of Smarty templates to other 'types' (for records display) City 9/14/2011    
Mock up dataset contributor attribution popup (using the Contact example) Mike 8/31/11 9/7/11  
Add standard City contact popup to Contact page Mike 8/31/11 8/31/11  
Instruct City staff on thumbnail creation, software, post documentation Mike 8/31/11  9/30/11  
Fix paragraph spacing Mike 8/31/11 8/31/11  
Updating the clusters dataset to make sure Brian fixed the outlines of the regions Fred 8/19/11  8/19/11 Problem still exists in the FME process.
Update NOW ontology v 1.10 and add NOW-Topics piece Fred 8/17/11 8/18/11  
Debug search behavior for site search (park city, park OR city, park AND city, "park city") Fred 8/17/11 8/19/11  There was no bug.
Fix Seadragon graph display (Gephi) for NOW Ontology Fred 8/17/11 8/19/11  
Restore Share and Delete to WebMap sessions Tactica, Fred 8/17/11  11/24/11  Fred sent an email to David the 19 August about what could be done there.
Add structCreate and structUpdate templates to edit internal scones documents to add/remove tags created by Scones. Fred 8/17/11 12/14/11  
Complete text entry for Neighbourhoods pages Bev 8/17/11 01/05/12   
Complete 'How to Use Census Pages' Mike 8/17/11 8/18/11  
Create new Help link icon Tactica 8/17/11    
Set up subdomain name with Corporate IT Services Kelly 8/17/11 8/17/11  
Complete descriptions for all main Topics, other key ones Kelly 8/9/11 10/25/2011  
Add description of the mapping/analysis process pursued when finding attribute/concept matches in the ontology based on a new dataset Fred 8/5/11 11/30/2011  
Add description of 'syncing' process when loading a new dataset to structWSF Fred 8/5/11 11/30/2011  
Add a Workbench icon and link under Tools (e.g., http://now.winnipeg.ca/tools) Fred 8/4/11 8/9/11  
Send suggestions for dataset pipeline completion steps (controlled vocabulary) Mike 8/4/11 8/4/11  
Draft project completion work plan Mike, Fred, Kelly 8/4/11 8/11/11  
Post datasets + status matrix under About Mike, Kelly 8/4/11 8/9/11  
Send Kelly bullets on wisdom of subdomain naming approach Mike 8/4/11 8/4/11  
Instruct Kelly on WinSCP access, use Mike 8/4/11 8/17/11  
Add Gephi network view of NOW ontology to About section Mike, Fred 8/3/11 8/3/11  
Create some structSearch and structBrowse resultsets templates Fred 8/2/11  12/14/2011

Documented the process of creating a new tempate

Also created a template for these datasets:

  1. Internal Documents
  2. Indoor Swimming Pools
  3. Heritage Images
  4. Bus Stops

Here is an example of a browse templated resultset and a search templated resultset.

Complete 'Anatomy of a Page Template File' (layouts) document Mike 8/2/11 8/3/11  
Draft 'Anatomy of a Page Template File' (layouts) document Fred 7/30/11 8/2/11  
Draft 'Guidance on Ontology Impacts' document (how ontologies affect the various components of the system) (Mike to complete) Fred 7/30/11 12/7/2011  

Extend Drupal Pages content indexing into Scones.

  1. Change the hook we used for the history layout, add it to structScones and handle all the Drupal pages saves the same way
  2. Add an option, into structScones, to enable/disable this Drupal-cross-site indexation in Scones
  3. In the hook, we add some URL attribute with the URL of the Drupal page where to redirect the user
  4. For the Type we choose to tag the documents with, we create a Smarty template, for that type (let's say, bibo_document.tpl), and if that template detects that URL attribute with some value, then it redirects the user to that Drupal page. Otherwise, it display the information using some of the layouts.
Fred 7/29/11 8/2/11  
Draft a position piece on possible longer-term portal management needs and extensions (audience Kelly) Mike 7/28/11  8/5/11  
Create a better generic template Fred 7/28/11 8/1/11  
Fix the search/browse export issue for XML and RDF+XML (leading return carriers in the exported files) Fred 7/28/11 7/29/11  
Create the Smarty template for the neighbourhoods such that it redirects the users to the stubbed neighbourhoods layout pages Fred 7/28/11 7/29/11  
Use the static JSON ontological structure to properly name the attributes in the webmap. Fred 7/28/11  8/3/11  
Create a new static JSON ontological structure with structOntology when the "update" button get clicked. Fred 7/28/11 8/2/11  
Fix attribute/value filtering in the webmap Fred 7/28/11  8/8/11  
Make URI dereferencable; particularly, redirect a record URI to its viewpage Fred 7/28/11 7/28/11  
Fix the export feature on the view pages Fred 7/28/11  7/28/11  
Change history lay-outs Mike 7/28/11  8/18/11  
Create punchlists tracking  Mike 7/27/11 7/27/11  
Provide listing, suggested assignments for standard site content  Mike  7/27/11 7/27/11  
Complete site stubbing  Kelly  7/27/11 7/27/11  
Provide missing staffs assignment  Mike  7/27/11 7/27/11  
Assign missing roles to staff  Kelly, Don  7/27/11  7/27/11  
Update documentation plan  Mike  7/27/11  7/27/11  
Set up Tactica punchlist placeholder Mike  7/27/11  7/27/11  
Complete site map Mike  7/27/11 7/28/11  
Complete site FAQ  City, Mike  7/27/11 8/16/2011  
Complete 'How to Search' Guide  Mike  7/27/11 8/16/11  
Complete 'How to Contact'  Kelly  7/27/11 8/16/2011  
Complete 'How to Use WebMap'  Mike  7/27/11 8/16/2011  
Complete 'How to Use Relation Browser'  Mike  7/27/11 8/16/11  
Complete 'How to Browse Datasets'  Mike  7/27/11  8/17/11  
Complete 'How to Use with Smartphones' Fred, Mike  7/27/11    DROPPED
Complete 'How to Learn More About Technology'  Mike  7/27/11 8/16/11  
Finish entries to Map layout  Kelly  7/27/11 8/8/11  
Finish adding text, scones for History layout  Bev  7/27/11 12/8/11   
Complete Layout descriptions on TechWiki  Mike  7/27/11 8/16/11  
Update/correct existing workflow documentation  Mike   7/27/11  8/16/11  
Complete image dataset Bev   7/27/11 moved up  
Complete dataset workflow documentation  Mike, Brian   7/27/11 11/11/11  
Complete 3-4 Smarty templates; document same  Fred   7/27/11 12/15/2011  
  1. Indoor Swimming Pools
  2. Heritage Images
  3. Bus Stops
Update task completion hour estimates  Mike, Fred   7/27/11 8/1/11  
Complete initial FME transfer and incremental update templates Brian, Fred  7/27/11 7/12/2011  
Finalize release of Contact dataset City  7/27/11 9/29/11  Contact Board rejected
Convert Contact dataset Brian, Fred  7/27/11  9/29/11  Contact Board rejected
Enhance ontology with Contact attributes City  7/27/11  9/29/11  Contact Board rejected
Determine branding/PR posture for project City  7/27/11  moved up  
Set up local installation (servers + configure) Brian, Fred  7/27/11 8/17/11  
Develop change order for current phase Kelly, Don, Mike  7/27/11    
Develop tasking/budget/schedule for new support change order Kelly, Don, Mike  7/27/11    
Create longer, better descriptive labels for attributes (mostly Census) Peter  7/27/11    
Assign icons to all map display types (thumbtacks); describe process Fred   7/27/11    
Complete 'About NPI' entry  Kelly   7/27/11    
Complete 'Credits' entry  Kelly   7/27/11 11/28/11  
Check into/update area polygons to ensure better overlap matching  Brian  7/27/11    
Add/integrate site-wide search form and page (replace header link)  Fred  7/27/11  7/29/11  Needs design/skin by tactica. This is a block in the portal.
Addition of 'What Neighbourhood' lookup/block  Fred  7/27/11 8/5/11