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NOW Knowledge Graph

The NOW (Neighbourhoods of Winnipeg) ontology [1] is an organized way to describe and relate the various concepts that describe our community. Here is an interactive, graphical representation of the NOW ontology; when zooming or panning, wait a couple of seconds to get a clearer image refresh:

The NOW ontology contains nearly 3000 concepts, all linked and related to one another in a coherent manner. You can also see that an ontology, while having some hierarchical structure, also displays itself in the form of a graph or network diagram.

You will see that similar topics are clustered both by color and by distance from one another. At sufficient zoom, you can read the labels for each of these concepts (nodes).

This same concept structure is what drives the 'Topics' views on this site via the Relation Browser. When you move from node to node in the topic browser you are, in effect, "swimming" through the graph structure above.

If you would like to see this graph in its entirety or play with it on your own, you have two additional options:

[1] Ontologies are the structural frameworks for organizing information on the semantic Web. Much like taxonomies or relational database schema, ontologies work to organize information. No matter what the domain or scope, an ontology is a description of a world view. That view might be limited and miniscule, or it might be global and expansive. However, unlike those alternative hierarchical views of concepts such as taxonomies, ontologies often have a linked or networked "graph" structure. Multiple things can be related to other things, all in a potentially multi-way series of relationships. Here is a good introduction to learn more.