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There are two search options provided on this NOW site. The first takes you off-site to search the City's main Web sites:

City Search

which we do not discuss more here.

The second option is to search within this NOW site, and is found on every page in the header:

Search this NOW Site

This is a special kind of structured search, with results a bit different than perhaps you have seen before.

Search Syntax

When searching, you may choose these operators or syntax to add to your keywords, for example:

  • park OR city -- provides the most results
  • park AND city -- both terms must be present; fewer results
  • park city (no quotes) -- both terms must be present, and within 5 words of one another; still fewer results, or
  • "park city" -- exact phrase in quotes, with the fewest results.

See further the Lucene search engine syntax specification.

Search Results

Upon executing your search, you will see a slightly different results display than what you may be used to, with many filtering and other structured results options:

Structured Results Page

Some of the notable things in this display, working from top to bottom, are:

  • The results display is paginated when there are more than 10 results
  • Under the tabs, you may further restrict or filter your results by dataset, kind of thing, or attribute; you may also export results
  • If no restrictions (filters) are checked, all results are shown; once you check a restriction, filters then apply
  • You may search again, including within the current results set
  • Your search keywords are highlighted in the results
  • Results are in the form of "records" with the structured attributes of each record displayed below a standard description or snippet
  • The source on each result indicates the dataset it comes from.

For more details on working with these structured results, see How to Browse Datasets.