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This Neighbourhoods of Winnipeg (NOW) portal is based on some cutting-edge, open source software.

The basic framework is built on Drupal, one of the leading and fastest-growing content management systems around. There are literally millions of Drupal sites worldwide, but what makes NOW unique and one of the first-of-its-kind with respect to data management and presentation is its use of the conStruct modules to Drupal, part of a suite of tools and capabilities called the open semantic framework, or OSF.

OSF is a complete stack of semantic technologies for data management and presentation, with all components being open source. While Drupal is a core component in the system, other key pieces include the Apache Solr full-text engine, the Virtuoso triplestore, and about 20 other leading open source applications in data management and visualization.

The OSF stack has been architected by the lead developer on the NOW portal, Structured Dynamics LLC, and utilizes many pieces designed by that firm and placed into the marketplace as open source software.

You can learn more about the OSF stack on its dedicated openstructs.org Web site. There is also a technical wiki with more than 400 articles describing this unique and innovative system.

We hope you enjoy! Please let us know if you have any technical comments.