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With a bit of tongue-in-cheek we have called this section "Geeky Tools". These are examples of many of the tools that our back office administrator "geeks" use to create, populate and maintain this site.

By definition, then, these example tools are not meant for standard site visitors or users. They are often more technical in nature. They are certainly geared more for technical and straight data use than the standard widgets on this NOW site.

Further, because of their operation and effects, some of these tools' key functionality has been disabled for these example displays. We want to be able to show you some of our back office capabilities, but not allow the casual user to break anything!

Thus, for example, all abilities to upload new data or modify existing data has been disabled. Other back office functionality has also been removed.

Nonetheless, the following example tools are meant to give you a sample flavor for what happens and what we can do in our back office sandbox. Enjoy! and let us know what you think.

The current sample Geeky Tools are:

  • Search - this is the standard full-text, faceted search service; also, see How to Search
  • Browse - this is a powerful data selection and browsing tool, including search; also, see How to Browse
  • Ontology - this is the back office means by which we manage and update the various ontologies used on this site; all add and modify functions have been disabled from this read-only version
  • DatasetDataset - this tool is how we manage the listing and access to entire datasets; again, add and modify functions have been disabled
  • Scones - this tool is our document "tagger" for relating unstructured data to the structured (ontology) aspects of this site; portions of this are extracted and used in other parts of the NOW portal
  • Export - with this tool, you can download your own datasets based on your current slice-and-dice settings, made available in a variety of machine-readable formats
  • Networks - this is a tool showing the overall network settings for the NOW portal, useful for inter-communicating with other possible network nodes in the NOW community