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This page is TEMPORARY during development and will be removed before the NPI portal goes live. There are two tables provided:

  1. The listing of datasets scheduled for the first NOW public release
  2. A candidate listing of datasets deferred to releases after the first NOW public release.

First Public Release

In the table below, add new entries at the top, and fill in the required fields. Please update, including Type, as appropriate. The Progress steps in the pipeline are:

  • Candidate - a possible dataset for inclusion
  • Agreed - the candidate dataset has been approved for inclusion in the first public "live" release of the portal
  • Assembling data - the data is still being gathered for the agreed-upon dataset
  • Test converted - data conversion/transforms are underway and being tested
  • Final converted - this is the key pipeline step:  the dataset and all of its records are fully converted with no known problems
  • Loaded - the dataset has been loaded into structWSF
  • Completed - the dataset is now "live" on the site with all prefLabels, icons, interface needs also completed.

When completed, strikeout the dataset text.

Progress Name Type
Assembling data Aggregated Property Dwelling neighbourhood
Assembling data Economic Development - Assessment Parcels land_use
Assembling data Economic Development - Zoning land_use
Assembling data Economic Development - Goods Movement/aka Truck Routes traffic
Assembling data Economic Develpment - Commercial Real Estate Listings real_estate
Assembling data Fire Paramedic Combined Stations combined_stations
Assembling data Fire Paramedic EMS Stations ems_stations
Assembling data Fire Paramedic Fire Stations fire_stations
Assembling data Libraries Images library
Assembling data Police Districts police_districts
Assembling data Police Service Centres service_centres
Assembling data Police Stations police_station 
Ready to load CentrePort Polygon land_use
Ready to load Recreation Facilities Images rec_facility
Loaded Aboriginal People - one in - others not census
Loaded Aboriginal Service Providers needs updating in process community_service
Loaded Census Families - needs to be added census
Loaded Citizenship & Immigration - recent immigration not in census
Loaded Clusters region
Loaded Community Centres - Part of Rec & Leisure community_centre
Loaded Community Character Area  region
Loaded Community Committee region
Loaded Day Cares day_care 
Loaded Dwellings - needs to be added census
Loaded Education census
Loaded Heritage Buildings building
Loaded Heritage Resources neighbourhood
Loaded Historical Overview - History & Heritage neighbourhood
Loaded Images - History & Heritage neighbourhood
Loaded Households census
Loaded Income census
Loaded Labour Force Activity census
Loaded Land Area & Population Density census
Loaded Languages - needs to be added census
Loaded Legal City limit  neighbourhood
Needs to be loaded Libraries- Part of Rec & Leisure library
Loaded Marital Status census
Loaded Mobility census
Loaded Mode of Transportation census
Loaded Neighbourhoods - Done region
Needs to be loaded Parks & Open Spaces rec_facility
Loaded Population By Age census
Needs to be loaded Recreation & Leisure Facilities rec_facility
Loaded Religion census
Needs to be loaded School Divisions and Boundaries - Which dept? region
Loaded Schools school 
Needs to be loaded Skate Board Parks rec_facility
Tile layer  Streets Outline neighbourhood
Loaded Total Population census
Loaded Transit bus stops transit
Loaded Unpaid Work census
Loaded Visible Minorities census
Loaded Ward attached to Mayor & Councillors  region, elected_officials
Loaded Community Gardens rec_facility

Candidates for Later Releases

Progress Name Type
Candidate Heritage Organizations neighbourhood
Candidate Inner-City - Non-Innercity - Peter to Send to Mike Houston census
Candidate Economic Development - Major Commercial Construction economic_development
Candidate Planning Documents - History & Heritage neighbourhood
Candidate Universities & Colleges higher_ed
Candidate Commercial Building Outline economic_development
Candidate Community Centres - Catchment Areas community_centre
Candidate Designated Snow routes  city_notice
Candidate Cemeteries - City only cemeteries
Candidate Off Leash Dog Parks - Data plus links rec_facility
Candidate Annotated Bibliography - History & Heritage neighbourhood
Candidate Digital Orthos  
Candidate Disk Golf Parks rec_facility
Candidate Golf Courses - City owned rec_facility
Candidate Hospitals hospital 
Candidate Insect Control - ECIS event
Candidate Intersection Accident Rate Indicator transit_accidents
Candidate Local Museums Named Entity museum 
Candidate Economic Development - Major Development Areas economic_development
Candidate Parent-Child Coalitions community_service
Candidate Parking Bans - ECIS event
Candidate Peg - Connection -on Hold community_indicator
Candidate Pleasure Rinks rec_facility
Candidate Public Spaces - no development land_use
Candidate Recycling Day - ECIS event
Candidate Seniors Centres  seniors_centre
Candidate Snow Removal - ECIS event
Candidate Spring Cleaning - ECIS event
Candidate Streets - Almost Done neighbourhood
Candidate Traffic Counts – Current/Historical traffic
Candidate Vacant Building Districts - on hold - Internal Use neighbourhood
Candidate Vacant Buildings Data - on hold - Internal Use neighbourhood
Candidate Vocational Training Centres vocational_centre