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À propos de NOW

NOW (Neighbourhoods of Winnipeg) is a new Web portal (the "Portal") produced by the City of Winnipeg to provide broad, dynamic and interactive access to local and neighbourhood information. Designed for easy access and use by all citizens, businesses, community organizations and Governments, the information on the site includes municipal data, census and demographic information, economic development information, historical data, much spatial and mapping information, and facilities for including and sharing data by external groups and constituencies. Over time additional neighbourhood data will be added through external partnerships.

The information is organized by location or by the 236 Winnipeg neighbourhoods that make up Winnipeg or various aggregations thereof (political wards, clusters or community areas).  Information is displayed using text, dynamic maps (of various kinds), charts, graphs, story viewers, and image galleries.  The information can be dynamically browsed, searched, and filtered to assist you in finding the information that matches your specific interests.  There is also an innovative TOPICS Relation Explorer that provides thousands of local government topics with links to related information on the portal, as well as relevant web links.  Take it for a spin! 

A complete, structured description of the Winnipeg municipality, organized by neighbourhood and a vocabulary of more than 2700 interconnected terms, means all information can be logically and intuitively related to all other information. This NOW ontology is also the guiding basis for the NOW portal TOPICS Relation Explorer and how the data is organized on the site.

NOW supports the efforts of OurWinnipeg [1], Winnipeg's municipal development plan for 2010 – 2035, by providing descriptive neighbourhood data as a basis for planning and developing actions that address the unique needs of communities within Winnipeg.

[1] City of Winnipeg, OurWinnipeg: It’s Our City, It’s Our Plan, It’s Our Time, July 12, 2011. See http://speakupwinnipeg.com/ourwinnipeg/. OurWinnipeg and the Complete Communities Direction Strategy received third reading at City Council on July 20, 2011. The plan took effect on August 17, 2011, replacing Plan Winnipeg 2020 as the official development plan guiding growth and change for the city.